Chris Taylor from Mashable writes: "Less than a month after the launch of Harper Lee's highly anticipated novel Go Set a Watchman, it's hard even for its defenders to avoid the conclusion that it should have been released with a very large asterisk."He continues:

In other words, whether you view it as an alternate universe re-imagining of To Kill a Mockingbird's Atticus Finch, or a deliberate attempt by Lee to tear down the Finch legend by releasing an early draft of Mockingbird, or a money-grubbing bid by a lawyer who bamboozled a senior, there are two words that don't really belong on the cover: "A novel."

A bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan is offering refunds to disappointed 'Mocking Bird' Fans. The book has sold over a million copies already.

I bought my wife a copy. She started reading it but was a bit disappointed herself.Did you buy the book? Did you read it? What are your thoughts?


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