In case you didn't know, there were a few football recruits visiting our fair city this weekend, and Nick Saban will do whatever it takes to get them to attend The University Of Alabama.....even if that means showing off some FANCY FOOTWORK!

On Saturday Night, one of the Dads of the recruits, (specifically, 3 star cornerback Eddie Smith's Father), shot a few videos, and later posted them on his Facebook Page which shows Coach Nick THROWING DOWN on the dance floor.

Check out THE COACH doing "The Wobble".....

And how about Nick KILLING IT on "The Cupid Shuffle!"

The strange coincidence in all of this, is that this gathering which took place for the recruits happened on Saturday Night. And BOTH "The Wobble", and "The Cupid Shuffle" are played EVERY weekend on "The Saturday Nite Regrind W/Louie Linguini".

So, does this mean that THE COACH listens to show when he's not leading our team to National Championships? Possibly. I mean, this DID happen Saturday Night while I was playing both "The Wobble" and "The Cupid Shuffle" while I was on the air.

In the words of 90's TV Talk Show Host Arsenio Hall, "It Makes Me Go Hmmmmmm"....  :-)

Get DOWN with your BAD SELF, Nick! & ROLL TIDE!






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