A man was apprehended and taken into custody on Wednesday, (12/26), after police discovered him running completely NEKKED through traffic.

The incident happened at the intersection of Alabama 79 and Red Hollow Road when Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies received a call about a man running through traffic decked out in only his Birthday Suit.

Police reports say that the deputies attempted to nab the man but found it difficult because he was described as "sweaty" and very "athletic". When the authorities were finally able to catch him he allegedly bit through the glove of a deputy.

While being booked and read his rights, he told the officers that "the devil made him do it".

Eventually, he was taken to a jail in Birmingham and charged with public lewdness, disorderly conduct, and  resisting arrest. The unidentified man is also said to be undergoing psychiatric evaluation by the Jefferson County Mental Health Unit.

No word on whether or not he was yelling "War Eagle!" at the time of his arrest....

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