I recently had my first Taco Casa experience since moving to Tuscaloosa. For Mother's Day, one of the things my wife wanted was to go to Taca Casa for the first time.

The anticipation was real as I took suggestions for what to order from listeners all week. I quickly learned that the Sweet tea was a must-have and the taco burger was a way of life. The menu items sounded simple but the way you eat them seemed to be the major factor. Enchiladas, burritos, sanchos, frijoles, and taco burger and messy nachos were some of the top suggestions but you can't get them regular. The hot or extra hot sauce was the way to eat the food.

So there I was, pulling up to that neon green and yellow sign, mouth-watering and still not sure what to order. The recommendations were overwhelming and I didn't want to order the whole menu. With all of the suggestions I had, I also didn't want to leave anything out. As I'm trying to make up my mind and go through screenshots of food suggestions I hear "Thank you for choosing Taco Casa can I get your order please?" The voice was so angelic and I felt sort of embarrassed because I still had NO IDEA what I was about to order. I let my wife order first, "Let me get a #1, no tomatoes, and a taco burger with a large sweet tea." I was proud she ordered like a pro and couldn't let her outdo me lol. I went off the cuff and let the Taco Casa Gods steer my brain so I could order. "Can I please get a #4 with the enchilada chicken, and a beef burrito, a large sweet tea, taco burger with hot sauce, and extra hot sauce on the side?"

After feeling accomplished, we pulled up to the window and we were told: "Be careful with that sweet tea, you're going to love it." Sure enough, we're now addicted to the sweet tea and the food was amazing! The only negative is they forgot my hot sauce on the side but the food was still good. My biggest takeaway from Taco Casa is that it's not what you order but HOW you order and eat it. I loved the chicken enchilada but I liked it more once I added the sauce. The beef taco was ok to me but the beef burrito was life-changing! I'm literally fighting to not go back today for dinner.


Shoutout to everyone in the Taco Casa fan club. After my next trip, I'll officially be a card caring member for sure. Thanks to Taco Casa for an amazing experience and even better food. I'll see you again soon!

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