I admit it...I buy lottery tickets. Anytime the mega millions or powerball jackpot climbs to half a billion, I make the drive to Georgia or Tennessee and buy a few tickets for a shot to become instantly rich. Whenever I'm on vacation, lottery tickets are always bought, no matter where the jackpot stands.

Now comes word that the state of Mississippi passed a bill early last week to create a state lottery. They'll most likely have it up and running in 2019.  Check out the story HERE

Could we be next?

Currently, Alabama is one of 6 states that does not have a lottery. Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, and Utah being the others. But if you cross Mississippi off the list, that would leave us, Alabama, as the only state in the southeast without one.

In any event, whether you support or oppose an Alabama Lottery, just know that Mississippi is getting one. Personally, I'm excited! Because that means that even if we don't get one, I will now only have to drive 1 hour, (as opposed to 2 and a half hours one way) to buy them. That also means that I'll be saving money on gas....which will leave me more to spend on lottery tickets:-)

My ship is about to come in, Baby! $$$ :-)



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