Last month, we reported on a local Tuscaloosa man who had allegedly written approximately $30,000 in bad checks. In case you missed the original story, you can catch up HERE

Yesterday, Timothy Ladunn Andrews appeared in court, and some additional information surfaced in the case.

Court records revealed that since 2001, Andrews has been charged with writing at least 266 bad checks to area businesses. In fact in 2015, he pleaded guilty to writing 61 bad checks and was sent to prison. He was released in January 2017, and according to Tuscaloosa County District Attorney Prosecutors, he started writing bad checks again a month later. This past May, the law caught up with him again after being accused of writing 31 bad checks totaling $4,000.

The Judge's ruling was for Andrews to be sentenced to 31 years in prison, which comes out to one year in prison for each charge and to repay all the business who had received his phony checks. Andrews is appealing the case, and is now currently sitting in the Tuscaloosa County Jail with no bond. He will have another hearing in August to determine whether a jury will hear his case.

Businesses in Tuscaloosa and Northport who have been victimized by Andrews' bad check writing spree include: Domino’s Pizza, Anders Hardware, Bama Stuff, Fast & Easy, Buddy's, Buffalo Phils, South's Finest Meats, Hometown Grocery, Piggly Wiggly, & "where the fun beginsFantasyland.  At least you can't say that he doesn't knows how to have a good time!

I'm curious to see if he attempts to pay for his lawyer's services by writing him a check?.....

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