It happened this past Friday. Apparently, a local man was struck by a train at a railroad track crossing..... And he miraculously survived!

The man, 41 (whose identity wasn't available at press time), was alert and responsive when Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office Deputies arrived on the scene of the accident, according to County Sheriff Spokesman Deputy Jason Powell. Several Witnesses report seeing the Man, minutes before, walking on the tracks near the crossing at the Buttermilk and Clements roads.

No word on how fast the train was moving at the moment of impact, nor were there any reports of malfunctioning railroad gates or signals. However, the case has been turned over to Railroad Police who are currently investigating the incident.

The Man was transported to DCH. No word on yet on what type of injuries he incurred, nor the extent of those injuries. However, the man is recovering, and resting comfortably according to Authorities.

The Man is truly lucky to be alive.

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