Luke Bryan's "12 Days of Pranksmas" is raging on at Day 10, and most recently, it was the singer's wife Caroline who found herself in the hot seat. Over at the Bryan household, Caroline's often the mastermind behind some of the most epic pranks, with favorite targets being her country star husband and his mother, LeClaire.

So even Caroline had to admit that she got some well-deserved comeuppance in the latest round of pranks, a blitz of Caroline getting surprised, scared or jumped out at in various locations around her house. She posted a montage of clips to her Instagram, rounding out Day 10 of the pranks war.

"Payback!" she wrote in the caption. "Can't say I didn't deserve it ..."

It's tough to feel much sympathy for Caroline in light of some of the pranks she's pulled in recent days. On Day 4, she targeted her brother's wife, Ellen Boyer, while the family was on a private plane, enlisting the help of a "pilot in training" to make the flight as awkward as possible.

Meanwhile, on Day 2, she pranked her son by noisily ruining a deer hunt, and on Day 3, she gave mama LeClair a rude awakening with a little help from a recording of a rooster's crow. But Caroline has proven before that she can take it as good as she dishes it out: On the first day of Pranksmas, she was the target of a prank from her husband, who convinced her that she'd ruined a priceless Tim Tebow trophy.

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