It looks like Luke Bryan and his longtime spouse, Caroline, are already gearing up for the 12 Days of Pranksmas. That's the annual progression of pranks the country star couple unleash around Christmastime on both each other and unwitting participants, but Caroline might have outdone herself this time.

Though it's only September, the good-humored wife and mother already has at least one major prank project in the works. Fans who follow Caroline on Instagram got a look at that idea last week (Sept. 17) when the onetime turkey adversary displayed the giant costume bear head she plans to utilize.

That's right — footage shows Caroline walking around in a full-headed bear mask with matching footies. The get-up almost looks like it could belong to a character from the Country Bear Jamboree. At one point in the two videos, the Bryan matriarch crouches behind some bushes while donning the disguise.

"Thinking about 2020 Pranksmas ideas," Caroline says in the caption beneath the clips. "This is not a good start." Amended to her post, of course, is the hashtag, #12daysofpranksmas.

The Bryans' dog — seemingly perplexed — follows Caroline around as she makes the march with her costume bear head. At another juncture, the person capturing the action has trouble containing their laughter: "Oh my God!" they exclaim from behind the camera. "Do that again, do that one more time."

Whatever ends up happening, it certainly seems like it's going to be a highly entertaining 12 Days of Pranksmas for Luke and Caroline Bryan this year. Perhaps onlookers will also get another uproarious spectacle like when Caroline stuffed herself into a giant pink balloon during quarantine this spring.

Or maybe Luke's mom will continue her immersion into the ongoing family prank war. Either way, the "One Margarita" drinker and Born Here Live Here Die Here crooner is going to have to keep on his toes this Pranksmas.

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