Brittany Aldean , Mrs. Jason Aldean,  recently spoke out about President Biden, saying she thinks he should be impeached. It had something to do with his policies or whatever. I don't know. I didn't read the whole article. What I did do was wonder if her talking politics was a good idea. Regardless of your political affiliation, talking politics is never a good idea. Especially if your livelihood depends on it.
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Celebrities ,and their spouses ,talking politics is nothing new. In recent years several country stars have spoken out politically. Willie Nelson held a fund raiser for Joe Biden last year. Trace Atkins has always stated that he is a staunch republican. Maren Morris was very vocal about her dislike of former president Trump. And I think we all know where John Rich stands.
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Is this a smart thing to do? In America, everyone has the right to free speech. And everyone has a right to sing. Maybe it's best to leave that to the professionals.Would you want to hear Tucker Carlson or Anderson Cooper sing?
What if just 10% of Jason Aldean fans were democrats who didn't like what Brittany said about President Biden. What if Jason started selling 10% less concert tickets.10% less albums.10% less radio play. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he makes around 32 million dollars a year.
That could be 3.2 million less a year he earns just from alienating 10% of his fanbase.
Think of all the Big Green Tractors he could buy with 3.2 million.
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