The other night I found myself CRAVING a sack full of Krystals. So, I drove to the Krystal on McFarland. Luckily for me, I saw that there were no cars in the drive-thru. So, I GASSED it into the parking lot.

I pulled up to the speaker, rolled down my window, and waited to hear a voice on the other end ready to take my order. But all I got on the other end was SILENCE. I must've sat at that drive-thru for at least a half an hour, waiting for someone to take my order. But nobody ever came. I said to myself, "This Krystal has got to have the WORST service ever!"  Finally, I had ENOUGH, and said, “SCREW THIS!”, and drove off. I’m telling you, their Customer Service was practically NON-EXISTENT.

Then I got home and told my girlfriend, Lisa, what had happened, and she said to me, "Didn't you hear? The Krystal on McFarland is CLOSED."  I said, "The Krystal on McFarland is closed? Well, I never got the memo!"

A few days later, I found myself driving down McFarland, and saw the Krystal a couple blocks away. I got curious and wanted to know WHY the Krystal had been closed down. So, I decided to pull into the parking lot again and get some sort of answer.

I got out of my car, and took THIS picture which explained EVERYTHING...

Photo Credit Louie Linguini

Yes, the Krystal is being torn down to make way for a NEW Krystal which should be opened by around August. At least NOW I had an answer.

I felt relieved that it wasn't bad customer service at all! It was simply that the Krystal was CLOSED.

Oddly enough, this whole ordeal reminded of something that happened to me a few Sundays ago after Church. I found myself CRAVING a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. So, I drove over to Chick-fil-A, pulled into the drive-thru, and rolled down my window. I swear, I must've sat there for at least a half an hour, waiting for someone to take my order......

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