Jake Owen has leaked snippets from a new song on his Instagram account. Readers can press play above to catch the upbeat, warm-weather vibes coming from the artist in the form of "Mr. Summertime."

"Mr. Summertime" chases the winter blues away with lyrics such as, "Hey, I'm a boat on a lake / I'm a song that you crank / I'm the chill in your drink / I'm flip-flop, drop-top, laid back / Yeah, that's why they call me Mr. Summertime ..." The song's theme falls right in line with Owen's latest single, "Good Company."

Owen has always been known as a beach-tunes kind of guy, and he seems to be embracing that label with his new music. A couple years ago, though, he wasn't so keen on it: “A lot of folks think I’m just the "Beachin'" guy, I’m the f--king beach bum," Owen said in 2014. "I’m not downplaying that; I’ve made a good living and a good career out of doing songs like "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" ... [but] I want to be a bigger part of this business, and in order to do that, I have to offer something up that will connect with people on a level differently than ‘let’s party.'"

Owen has been promising to deliver some sunshine in the form of music to his fans for a few months: "Y'all ready for summer?? That new summer sound coming atcha ..." the artist tweeted in March. Previously, Owen shared an acoustic version of a song presumably titled "Girls;" readers can hear a snippet of the studio version of that track below.

Owen released his newest album, American Love, in mid-2016. The singer will be headlining the Pandora Sounds Like Country show on June 6, just before the 2017 CMA Music Festival kicks off.

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