Mac Jones was not close to being considered for a first round pick when he first entered the 2020 season. Now following a historic season, Jones has been among the best quarterbacks in the country putting up record performances. After the Senior Bowl, people are starting to wonder if he should be considered more than just a first round pick.

Todd Mcshay has put out his latest mock draft, and some are surprised as he has the Chicago Bears moving up to pick No. 12 to select Jones. The NFL has shown no hesitation in the past on selecting quarterbacks early in the draft. Many may speculate that Jones is overrated due to talent surrounding him. Some think otherwise.

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Mike Greenberg recently went on his show "Greeny" and did a segment on Mac Jones. "I Love Mac Jones." Greenberg then went on to compliment the intelligence of Jones. Stating his early graduation, and his achievement of a 4.0 GPA. Also Greenberg pointed out how Mac Jones has had the best QBR in a season ever.

"He began the season as someone who wasn't even going to be drafted in the first round. All of a sudden his stock has clearly risen. To the point that Mel in his first mock draft had him going 15." Greenberg clearly sees the potential that the likes of Todd Mcshay and Mel Kiper share.

Mel Kiper had high praises when talking about Jones at the Senior Bowl. "Carolina and Matt Rule were seeing him every step of the way, and they are picking at 8. I am not sure he makes it to 15 anymore."

The NFL mock draft talking heads now have Jones among the top quarterbacks going in the first half of the draft. This incredible draft stock rise has been well earned for the legendary Alabama quarterback who has been doubted by many.

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