With increased numbers of the Tide Faithful descending on Bryant Denny, cell service is certain to be compromised.

People communicate in real time. When they send a text they expect the message to be received, read, and replied to within seconds. When that Eco-system is compromised, frustrations are amplified and people are distracted from tailgating while searching for a pocket of service in order to make arrangements with whomever is on the other end of the string.

One way to measure the strength of your cell service relative to your location is through a Field Test. Simply dial this code into your iPhone: *3001#12345#* and hit send.

In the upper left side you'll see a number beside your wi-fi. This represents your the strength of your signal based on it's deciblemillwatt. Any number above -100dBm is considered good.


Some other suggestions were as simple as re-setting your phone (turning it off then back on), opening a window (you know...to let the waves flow freely), moving to higher ground and even changing your grip on the phone.

Here's a quick video with more cell phone service hacks from The King of Random.



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