Homeland Season 6 had already felt notably topical by the focus on a new President-elect, enough that at least a few topical inclusions were expected. The Showtime drama isn’t looking to make direct commentary, but perhaps not-so-coincidentally will feature a female President-elect, one with a unique relationship to Carrie.

Claire Danes herself confirmed as much in a Q&A with executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter (via Variety), noting that the new presidential figure wouldn’t be a specific allegory for Hillary Clinton, but instead “a composite of all the different candidates.” Additionally worth noting of Madam President is that “She gets along with Carrie Mathison pretty well,” perhaps indicating Carrie’s line of work.

Elsewhere of Season 6, we know that the move to New York will chronicle the aftermath of a presidential election, particularly the tender transition of power, while Gansa downplayed the likelihood of any significant terrorism plot. Carrie’s stateside return will also enable her to reconnect with some familiar faces (we’ll quietly ignore the late Nicholas Brody also shooting in NYC), while Rupert Friend’s Peter Quinn will also remain a series regular.

Shooting will begin in August for a January 2017 premiere, but will a female Homeland president end up feeling right at home, or an alternate reality by then?

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