One of the more anticipated media appearances of the week took place Thursday morning as Brian Daboll took the podium for just the second time as Alabama's offensive coordinator.

Since Nick Saban doesn't allow coordinators to speak to the media during the season, the only time assistants get a chance to answer questions is before fall camp begins and then in the postseason. A day after the Crimson Tide took the field for the first practice inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Daboll sat down to talk with reporters at the Sugar Bowl about the upcoming matchup with Clemson.

"We're facing a really tough team that's highly ranked in all areas," Daboll said. "Best team we've played in terms of statistics. They have a tremendous front seven who can get after the quarterback, have length, athletic. The second level of defense, ball-hawking guys."

The Crimson Tide had another strong year offensively under the first-year coach, but team enters the playoff on a loss. That's not something that Daboll is concerned with or thinking about.

"I think that every game is so unique so we really don't focus too much on the things a month ago or two months ago. Our sole focus has really been on the team we are about to play, the challenges that they present, and how we go about our practice and our preparation."

Here are the topics Daboll discussed during his 10-minute press conference:

  • The plan isn't to look back but to continue moving forward and working on a gameplan and executing that gameplan.
  • What has made the Clemson so successful this season.
  • The similarities between working for Nick Saban and working for Bill Belichick.
  • What it's been like working in the SEC for the first time.
  • His goal as a coach to teach his players and how he would describe his relationship with players.
  • On the development at the quarterback position.
  • His focus is on Clemson and why he's doesn't want to talk about Auburn.

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