The Chevron gas station at 338 Skyland Blvd was robbed this past Saturday night. The gas station is just 2 blocks away from our radio station, which is located at 142 Skyland Blvd.

The robbery took place at 9:40pm with at least one shot being fired during a struggle between the robber and the clerk on duty. A  bullet grazed the clerk’s head during the altercation. Fortunately the injury wasn’t considered life-threatening.

The victim 51, couldn't get a proper identification of the robbery suspect, because he was wearing a mask and a hoodie during the encounter. The clerk did describe the suspect as, "short, thin and in his late teens". The suspect remains at large.

Authorities have stated that when the suspect is captured, he will be charged with robbery and attempted murder.

Police have released surveillance images of the suspect. You can see those images, and read more about the story HERE 

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