As anyone who has ever been to an Alabama home game can attest, game day parking can be a complete nightmare. However, there IS relief on the horizon in the form of a new app which can make parking more stress free.

The app is called Clutch! And according to the developers, allows users to reserve a parking spot in advance, so they have one less thing to worry about on their way to see The Tide ROLL! And the best part is, the app is FREE!

It basically works like this, after the app is downloaded, you click on "buy",( for your parking pass), and choose "Alabama Football". Then, you select which game you want to buy a parking pass for, and view the available parking spots on the map. Then, you   zoom in to pick the spot you want to park in. Find the one you want, click it, and now you have a reserved parking spot. Simple, huh?

Again, the app is called Clutch!  Wear it out and ROLL TIDE!

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