Be severe weather ready with the free app from FEMA.  It's really a one stop shop with tips, tools and severe weather alerts.  You get it all in one place for free.

This FEMA app really can be an essential tool for your family's safety with life saving information and alerts. On your FEMA app get alerts from the National Weather Service.

Besides receiving local weather alerts, you can follow up to 5 locations anywhere in the United States! Say you have a loved one living a couple of states away, you'll receive notice when bad weather strikes.


Besides weather alerts and preparation tips, get info on shelters or even share photos.  It's all one app from FEMA.

As you can see below, the navigation is clearly marked to make it easy getting around.

FEMA App Screenshot: Main Menu
David Watson

Here, take a look at more screen shots.

Mobile apps have become an essential way to receive the life-saving severe weather warnings. Nearly half a million Americans already have the FEMA app, which can be downloaded free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

To learn more about the FEMA app, CLICK HERE.

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