Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig have blown my mind. Questions surrounding Lifetime's recent announcement that the two comedic actors would star together in a secret upcoming film were answered when the full trailer for 'A Deadly Adoption' was released. The subject matter is no laughing matter and is said to be inspired by actual events. With the pairing of these two, I automatically assumed anything they starred in would be a comedy but the 'high-stakes thriller' premiering on Saturday, June 20 at 7:00 pm CMT, appears as anything but.

Ferrell and Wiig portray a successful couple who take in and care for a young pregnant woman during the final stage of her pregnancy, hoping to adopt her unborn child. The recently released trailer appears to show their guest develops a potentially deadly attraction to Ferrell's character.

Fox News wonders if the 'dramedy' is the Lifetime Channel's 'finest achievement'. I'm intrigued and I've already scheduled my DVR to record.

See the full trailer below.