After more than 30 years in country music, Dwight Yoakam remains one of the genre’s shiniest gems. Now, Yoakam is back with a new special-edition vinyl single that any fan will definitely want to have in their collection.

As part of Third Man Records’ Blue Series, Yoakam has recorded a two-song vinyl album set for release on Friday (June 10). The release features “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day,” a cover of a song made popular by The Monkees, and “High on the Mountain of Love,” which has been recorded by everyone from Johnny Rivers to the Beach Boys.

Produced by Jack White, founder of Third Man Records, Yoakam’s characteristic voice gives these much-loved tracks a unique update with plenty of country and western swing influence.

Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day is now available for purchase via Third Man Records’ online store, and hits the shelves of your favorite record shop today. At just $6, this album feels like a special kind of bargain.

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