Yesterday's downpour has wreaked havoc all over West Alabama resulting in school delays and impassable road ways.

This morning when I left, I could hear Hunter Creek was angry but it was too dark to tell how bad the damage was. When I arrived at the intersection at Hunter Creek Road and Highway 82, I saw one of Northport's finest parked in front of a closed bridge that the creek flows under.

When I returned home from the show, a few trash bags, empty paint cans and other items  had floated down stream and the ducks were resting farther away from the bank then they typically do.

Yesterday, they were all business as they waddled up and down my neighbor's back yard as the creek rose. Since ducks are natural foragers, they were taking advantage of a buffet of bugs, ants, slugs and other pests.

While filming the creek, I noticed something I haven't seen in quite a few months; an egg. I'm assuming the others were washed away so it appears the hens will be denied their first attempts at a successful clutch this Spring.

Hopefully, my husband Perry is reading this article so we can avoid having this conversation again: NO, YOU MAY NOT INCUBATE 50+ EGGS IN MY PANTRY THIS YEAR.






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