A Moundville man is facing charges of domestic violence against his brother which ensued over an argument about a piece of cheesecake.

The alleged incident took place on December 26th, where Moundville Police Chief Toby Banks was called to a disturbance at a residence between two half-brothers who lived at the home.

According to The Moundville Times, when Banks arrived on the scene, he was asked for his opinion on "whether the piece of cake was big enough for a grown (expletive) man,” by one of the men. Banks told the men that he thought it was.

Court Documents reveal that the older brother, 24, was still holding the butcher knife he used to cut the dessert when they began arguing about the portion size. The victim told police his brother punched him in the face and busted his lip when they disagreed over the size of the cheesecake slice that he was being offered. The older brother told police that he was simply holding the knife and never intended to use it. The victim said that despite his brother's claims, he still felt threatened by the knife.

The older brother was subsequently charged with third-degree domestic violence/harassment. Since it was a domestic violence charge, he was required to spend 24 hours in jail. He was then released on a $1,200 bond.

I guess it's true what they say: You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too :-)

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