A few weeks away from the release of his much-anticipated new album, Darius Rucker has debuted one of the project's new songs, “Don’t.” Readers can press play above to listen.

A sweet love song, "Don't" is the third song that Rucker has shared from his forthcoming album, When Was the Last Time. "Don't" is not a single, but "For the First Time" and "If I Told You," the other two songs, are.

"'Cause every single mornin', my eyes fall open on you / It's like my dreams keep goin' on and on and on / It don't matter what we're doin' as long as I'm with you, and / I can't imagine anything I couldn’t love you through,” Rucker croons in the chorus of "Don't." “The bad days, there’s gonna be mistakes / But, baby, I’m here to stay / And if you think that could change / Don’t.”

"If I Told You" was released in June of 2016, and "For the First Time" debuted back in early July of this year. Later that month, Rucker announced that he would release his fifth studio album, When Was the Last Time, in an Instagram post, complete with a shout-out to Today's Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. The record was produced by Ross Copperman.

“On top of being a genius with the equipment, Ross is so high-energy and funny; that kid is never not laughing,” Rucker says. “Every time we were in the studio, we had a great band who had great ideas of their own, so it was the farthest thing from tedious, but just, let’s get in and do it. I think, for the whole record, we spent just three days tracking music.”

When Was The Last Time is set for release on Oct. 20.

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