Which of these options sounds better: waiting outside in the freezing cold with thousands of other people only to battle over a discounted toaster oven OR hanging out in your PJ's at home, finishing your holiday shopping without even getting out of bed? It's a no-brainer: Cyber Monday is where it's at.

Okay, the name is kind of dumb--but Cyber Monday is vastly superior to Black Friday (or "Gray Thursday," more commonly known as THANKSGIVING). I will never understand Black Friday Madness. Maybe it's just the thrill of grabbing the deal--I can get that. But the crowds? The craziness? People literally punching one another over discounted retail goods?

Nah, I'm good.

Cyber Monday is the JAM. All your fave sites have amazing deals (most of which include free shipping) and you can shop at home. No hordes of screaming people. No circumnavigating the mall parking lot for an hour trying to find a spot. YOU JUST LOG ON AND SHOP. It's that easy.

I'm over here like, "CYBER MONDAY 4 LIFE." I still support local businesses throughout the season, and I visit the occasional brick-and-mortar store (like I did Saturday at the Carter's Outlet and bought my kid like nine outfits for $120 because everything was 50% OFF).

What's your preference? Are you tough enough to brave the masses on Black Friday or are you more likely to do your shopping online?

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