The time it is a'changin'.

A survey of 150 students between the ages of six and 12 in Oklahoma City revealed that most don't know how to read a clock, while only 10% own a watch.

Students were given 15 questions and only 31 passed, with a mere 15 kids getting every one correct.

It may seem surprising to some, since so many of us grew up learning how to read a clock. However, we live in an increasingly digital world with the time sprawled out in digits on everything from our microwave to our iPhone, making the need to read a traditional clock as antiquated as figuring out the time of day by looking at the sun.

Is this a growing problem? Only time will tell -- after all, the study only focused on one region and a small sample size.

The local Boys & Girls Club is working on helping kids read clocks and reverse this possible trend, though. And once they figure out how the hands work, just imagine how their minds will be blown when they learn about Daylight Saving Time.

Bottom line: telling time may be on the way out, but fret not -- cursive handwriting was, too, but that made a comeback. Hang in there.

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