Summer is here, and the best way to cool off is with a big glass of iced tea. It is, after all, the House Wine of the South. Wondering where to find the best tea in T-Town? Look no further--here's my list of the Top Ten Best Teas in Tuscaloosa!

10. Baumhower's

9. Los Tarascos

8. Starbucks: peach green tea 4eva

7. Chick-fil-A

6. McAllister's

5. Holler & Dash: Their peach tea is literally the greatest I've ever tasted.

4. City Cafe: The OG of delicious tea. City Cafe is an institution.

3. Hooligan's: Mint tea is LIFE.

2. Taco Casa: I'll have two please. Taco Casa has that hummingbird feeder tea, and it is the stuff of which dreams are made.

1. Milo's: is there anything better than a mega size chalice of sweet tea on a scorching day? No. No there is not.

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