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Our 2019 Sponsors
No statement has stood the test of time like, "A company that supports bacon, beer, and barbecue is a company you can trust." Okay, maybe we're exaggerating a bit, but who can argue with the sentiment?
If it weren't for the sponsors of this event, we wouldn't be able …
The Venue
Bacon Brew and Que just keeps getting bigger, and we're changing venues to reflect that! After two wonderful years at the Tuscaloosa River Market on Jack Warner Parkway, this year we're moving to Government Plaza at 2106 6th Street in downtown Tuscaloosa.
Wild Bill Gets Help From Chewbacca
Well it's official, my #953TheBear pop socket had it's last pop today on my phone. Chewbacca is installing a new one and I must say it's a big job for such a little wookie. Chewy just said, “grrrggghhhaaaaaghh, agh!” 😜
*translation: "da sticky side…
The Booty Slapping Championship is Coming to Bama?
It's being called the first ever "Booty Slapping Championship".  It was held in Russia this week.  Women competed to smack each other's rear ends so hard, their opponent opponent would have to take a step forward.  They were mostly fitness and Instagra…

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