When a day of quarantine homeschooling is done, Caroline Bryan is simply ready to have some fun. While country megastar Luke Bryan was off enjoying a peaceful evening of fishing with the couple's nephew, Til, his wife, Caroline, decided to stuff herself into a giant pink balloon.

Why not, right? You mean it isn't normal to have human-sized balloons laying around your house?!

Caroline joined family friends and country duo CB30 in what they've dubbed the "C vs. B Challenge" — a daily challenge or prank all month long while in coronavirus quarantine. The brothers are holed up with the Bryans right now, so expect April to get pretty rowdy with this quarantine crew.

This particular challenge involved getting the oversized balloons over their bodies, then racing each other down the Bryans' backyard, and Caroline was absolutely game. She documented her hilarious attempt to wrap herself up in the pink balloon and shared with fans via Instagram Stories.

"Air and prayer," she joked when a fan asked how they were going to get the balloons on. After a few failed tries, major assistance and some popped balloons later, the group got creative and put a leaf blower to good use.

Then the marshmallow-mimicking humans were off in a sprint — well, more like a hop — across the lawn. Brody Clementi of CB30's balloon was first to pop, followed by Caroline's, with Christian Clementi taking home the win.

If this is how the Bryan family keeps busy, who knows what stunt they'll pull next.

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