Alabama football has always been a hard ticket to find, especially since Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa.  What if I told you that pretty much all Bama fans want to keep their tickets for the upcoming 2020 football season?  Well, that's the report from UA, according to, stating that "90 percent of TIDE PRIDE ticket holders have renewed their seats for the 2020 season."

As the coronavirus has spread around the world this year, tournaments, games, and other sporting events of all types have been either canceled or modified.  NASCAR, for example, is allowing a limited number of fans to attend races.  The question remains:  how will UA and other teams around the SEC handle social distancing requirements?  I mean, will Big Al be wearing a mask this fall?  Can elephants even catch the dang coronavirus?

The switch from voluntary workouts to required participation is an interesting thing to watch this year.  Coaches typically like to do lots of walk-throughs and player evaluation in July, and this year players will not be allowed to wear helmets or pads during walk-throughs.  Waiting for football season this year is kinda like wondering what you're gonna get for Christmas as a little kid.  I sure hope we don't end up with socks this year.  #WildBillShow #RollTide #953TheBear

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