Further illustrating our elected officials being about the people's important business, Sen. Tom Whatley is working on legislation to get Auburn's national title count up by introducing a resolution that encourages the school to claim nine national championships.

Auburn claims just two national titles from 1957 and 2010 but Sen. Whatley feels that number should be increased to nine asserting, "We call upon Auburn University to officially claim nine national championships in football to rightfully reflect the esteemed achievements and success of the Auburn University football program," according to the resolution via the Montgomery Advertiser.

The seven titles in question likely includes three titles between 1910 and 1914; titles from the 1958 and 1983 seasons and the undefeated seasons of 1993.

Not surprisingly, one particular Senator from Alabama wasn't too keen on Whatley's suggestion but he thought Tide fans arguing against the claim was funny. Speaking with the War Eagle Reader, he said "I told him, 'I don't know if you want to get into the legitimacy of that 1939 Betty Crocker National Championship of y'all's,'

So far, there are no intentions for the school to claim any of the nine national championship titles.