Brides may have many crises on their wedding day, but you know there's real drama when 911 has to get involved.

A 911 operator in Washington state gave her wedding dress to a woman who called to report her car – which held her wedding gown – had been stolen. Making matters worse? The woman was scheduled to be married that very night.

After the woman called to report her vehicle had been stolen, the dispatcher, named Candice felt so badly that she decided she wanted to donate the gown. She got the okay from her supervisor and got the responding officer to track down the woman to see if she’d be interested – without knowing if the size was match.

The woman was only too thrilled to take the dress, which she happily wore when she exchanged vows. She plans to return it and Candice says she was glad to do her part to help, noting, "I just want to let them enjoy their wedding week. I’m happy it worked out. I believe that there’s a reason I picked up the phone that day."

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