8 Ways To Have A Great Work Week

Do you have a case of the Monday blues?  On Sunday night, are you sad because the weekend has come to an end?  Do you get anxious to arrive at work on Monday?  Well, I’m the opposite. I LOVE Mondays.  [Insert your rolling eyes here] I really do like Mondays because, for me, it kicks off my week of future accomplishments.  According to INC, “it’s well known the way you start your morning affects the rest of your day.  A productive morning leads to a productive day.  But preparing for your day the night before can make your days even more successful.”  I also believe that you should be prepared in your workdays to have positive work week.  I have been trying my best to practice positive days.  Here are eight of my personal favorite tips to get through the day and the week.

#1 Wake Up On Time:  A great way to start the day is to wake up on time.  Don’t hit that snooze button.  I always feel better when I get right out of bed and not hit that snooze button.

#2 Clean Your Desk:  Start your week off with a clean slate.  You will feel much better.

#3 Eat The Frog:  I live by this.  This means, complete the most challenging task, time-consuming project, the work item that takes the most concentration > do that first.

#4 Go Out For Lunch:  Take a mental health break and go out for lunch.  Or take your lunch outdoors.

#5 Take A Walk With Co-Workers:  Grab a co-worker and take a walk around the building and get some fresh air.

#6 Meditate While at Work: I believe in taking a short mental health break during the day.  I like to take a short, 2-minute meditation break.  There are tons of short meditation videos on YouTube.

#7 Get To Know A Colleague:  Be sure you foster relationships at work.  Try to fight the urge to only hang out with certain people.  Get to know all your colleagues.

# 8 Detach from Social Media:  We all live on social media, but be sure to detach from social media to focus on your professional and personal goals.  Social Media can be a distraction at times.

Have a great week!

(Source) To read the full article from INC, click here. 

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8 Ways To Have A Great Work Week

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