Traffic in Tuscaloosa is insane. You have to deal with road construction, potholes, congested roadways and construction on basically every major thoroughfare--not to mention countless people who are guilty of the Seven Deadly Sins of Driving in Tuscaloosa.Here's a look at all seven of these deadly driving sins:

1. Not using a turn signal

What is so hard about this, y'all? Are turn signals now optional on new cars or... ? If you're changing lanes or about to make a turn, USE THE DANG TURN SIGNAL. That is literally why it exists.

2. Speeding up when someone tries to pass you

Whyyyyyy. WHY? This is not a race. You are not getting a trophy when you arrive at your destination, so why do some of y'all hit the gas when someone tries to pass you?

3. Texting and driving

Use bluetooth. Use text-to-speech. Do anything but text and drive, because if I have to slam on my breaks because you're not paying attention to the road, I am going to LOSE IT.

4. Tailgating the car in front of you

This is NOT going to make me go any faster, dude. If you are driving so close to me that I can't see your headlights, we have a problem--and that problem is you.

5. Hitting the horn too quickly

If you're laying on the horn .00002 seconds after the light has changed, let me congratulate you on being a Class A Jerk.

6. Having a bunch of unsecured junk in your truck bed

I should not have to take my life into my own hands because you can't put your stuff in a toolbox. My old Jeep had a huge crack in the windshield because I was on 20/59 and a huge lugnut came out of the back of this dude's truck. I thought I was going to die. 0/10 would never do again

7. Being overly aggressive for no reason

Some of y'all have no chill and it SHOWS. We're all out here just trying to live, so please show some basic respect to others on the road.

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