5 Things I Miss From My Pre-Coronavirus Life In Alabama

A big question among my family and friends is, do you think we will get back to our pre-coronavirus life?  That might be a million-dollar question.  I’m really on the fence on this question.  I think we will slowly get back to life as we would like it to be, but I could see us taking extra precautions every set up the way.  According to the New York Post, “a survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Evite, is that the top 5 things Americans miss most about life before COVID-19 are “face-to-face interactions 54%, Celebrating big life milestones with friends and family 44%, hugging others 36%, having date nights 36%, and going to a local bar with friends at 33%.”

The top 5 things that I miss most about life before COVID-19 are the following:

#1 – Brunch on Sunday with my friends which has been replaced with Zoom video gatherings.  I especially miss brunch at the Avenue Pub in downtown Tuscaloosa.

#2 - Traveling to visit my family and friends!  Seriously, the beaches of Alabama are calling me! I'm on my way soon Gulf Shores, Alabama.

#3 - Swimming in a public pool!  I enjoyed swimming at my apartment complex here in Tuscaloosa and the Bobby Miller Activity Center in Tuscaloosa.

#4 – In-person art classes that have been replaced with virtual courses. I really enjoyed the downtown Northport area, at the Kentuck Art center. 

#5 – I miss game nights! Board games, poker, uno, I enjoy game nights, period.  I love playing spades, which have been replaced with online spades games.  [Not the same, I like to slam down my Big Joker]  Listen, I need some BINGO in my life right now!

I have managed to try to keep some normalcy during this pandemic by taking more online classes to improve my mindset.  I’ve tried my best to keep up constant communication with my family and friends.  I started reading again on my kindle app.  I’ve also found great joy in setting up my art room to be able to paint more.

(Source) For more from the New York Post, click here. 

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