Kelly Clarkson has never officially released a country music project, but she's still very much part of the family — literally, in one case.

Clarkson married into country music when she wed Brandon Blackstock, Reba McEntire's stepson, in 2013. Mother- and daughter-in-law have since collaborated many times over, but Clarkson has also proved her country chops solo plenty. She largely sang soul tunes during her time on American Idol, but at her concerts and on her TV talk show, Clarkson has displayed her penchant for country music.

Thanks to her incredible vocal range, there aren't many tunes Clarkson won't tackle. Even fellow Idol winner Carrie Underwood's soaring voice doesn't scare Clarkson off! Keep reading to see a few of our favorite of Clarkson's country covers.

  • 1

    "The Story"

    Originally sung by Brandi Carlile

    Speaking of soaring voices, Carlile's range is pretty incredible, but Clarkson takes on "The Story" with care. Phil Hanseroth's poignant lyrics shine in this cover, one of many of the title track of Carlile's 2007 album. Add LeAnn Rimes and Dolly Parton to the list of women with stirring voices who have performed this track.

  • 2

    "Strawberry Wine"

    Originally sung by Deana Carter
  • 3

    "Girl Crush"

    Originally sung by Little Big Town

    It takes skill to deliver this Little Big Town megahit, but Clarkson's at ease singing in place of the country quartet's four voices. She skillfully keeps the heartache in her delivery, too.

  • 4

    "Why Haven't I Heard From You"

    Originally sung by Reba McEntire

    Clarkson makes her mama-in-law proud with this one! Clearly, she's learned a thing or two from her country legend relative.

  • 5

    "9 to 5"

    Originally sung by Dolly Parton

    One of Parton's most iconic songs is So. Much. Fun. in Clarkson's hands. She used this video to promote her eponymous TV talk show, earning plenty of early fans before a single episode had even aired.

  • 6

    "Something to Talk About"

    Originally sung by Bonnie Raitt

    Clarkson's Raitt cover is certainly somethin' to talk about (pun, of course, intended). This song is further proof that she's blessed with a voice that can sing just about anything.

  • 7

    "Any Man of Mine"

    Originally sung by Shania Twain

    Props to Clarkson for picking a Twain hit that isn't "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." That song is great and all, but Clarkson couldn't let her country side out with that song in the way she does here. If only we could all have a fiddle player follow us around every day ...

  • 8

    "Blown Away"

    Originally sung by Carrie Underwood

    One of the most famous American Idol winners covering one of the other most famous American Idol winners? Sign. Us. Up. Underwood's vocal ability is no joke, but Clarkson holds her own.

  • 9

    "Stand By Your Man"

    Originally sung by Tammy Wynette

    Many a country fan has pretended they can sing this song's famous chorus just like Wynette did -- but if you want to see what it looks like when someone can actually do so, check out Clarkson's "Stand By Your Man" cover. Accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, she hit this one out of the park.

  • 10

    "Walkaway Joe"

    Originally sung by Trisha Yearwood

    Yearwood sings this song so wistfully, and Clarkson, knowing not to fix what ain't broke, offers the same take. This clip is from the same tour during which Clarkson performed the Underwood and Wynette songs featured above, and if you want to lose multiple hours out of your day, there are dozens more killer Clarkson covers from that trek to explore online.

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