A Poem from our Wild Bill…
I've decided to use this space as an opportunity for me to EMBRACE my inner 90's rapper dreams, and my ability to rhyme.  I call this poem/rap "EMBRACE...SPRING"
Hush, Can you hear it?  The rustling of the dead brown grass,
Bringing us all the sound that maybe Old…
Can Madison and Shepherd Keep Them Alive?
It's the first day of Spring. All over Tuscaloosa, folks are cleaning, planting and trimming. Treehouse Farm and Nursery wanted to help us spruce up our back deck at 95.3 The Bear. We now have two beautiful hanging flowers! The question is, can Kimberly Madison and Scott Shepherd keep their pla…
Look Your Best With These Seven Beauty Essentials for Spring
Spring is finally here--after what felt like the longest, coldest winter ever. I mean, really--it was ridiculously cold this year. It's Alabama, not Alaska. SERIOUSLY. It's time to get bright and breezy; these seven hot spring trends will have you looking and feeling your best while the wo…
Are You Ready For Spring Yet?
I snapped this pic yesterday as the temps started to rise a bit and the snow slowly began melting. Apparently, these little plants are ready for Spring! So am I. I am over the snow and cold. And, Spring 2014 will be life changing for our family....
Another Sign of Spring
We are less than a month away from Summer and their are still signs of Spring everywhere. I spotted a bird nest behind our front porch light yesterday. I held my phone up as high as I could and clicked randomly hoping to get a good shot of what was inside.
Baby Birds, A Pressure Washer and A Smartphone
Yesterday afternoon my wife walked across the street to speak with our neighbor as the kids played in their yard. I was finishing up pressure washing our front sidewalk and noticed our neighbor and my wife staring and tapping on a plant hanging from their porch.
What’s a Safe Way to Kill a Weed?
Since Spring is full swing, I have planted tomato and pepper plants, a few flowers, pressure washed the deck and cut the grass a few times.
I try to keep my yard looking like someone actually lives here. I snapped the picture above this afternoon. It's a wretched weed of some kind.