Kimberly Madison

Salon Gossip Is The Best. No Matter What.
Hair salon scuttlebutt is probably the only thing Hollywood's gotten right. Yes guys, we're guilty as charged. The actual volume of gossip going down at salons every second of the day is protected by Homeland Security because if you really knew, chaos would reign...
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
January 15th, 2013
Forecast: Showers. High of 46.
Local: Tuscaloosa family sues Fisher-Price over sleeper they claim sickened their infant.
State: NWS issues River Flood warning through Friday. 
National: President Obama weighs executive order on guns...
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
January 14th, 2013
Forecast: Showers. High of 52.
Local: Tuscaloosa makes plans for a little parade shin dig.
State: Sunday storms cause flooding in five counties.
National: Reddit co founder commits suicide after.
Music: The Band Perry will release sophomore album on April 2, 2013...
Madison, Shepherd and Katherine Webb
Before former Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb, was launched into super stardom, myself and my morning show co-host, Scott Shepherd, had the opportunity to spend some time with her back stage at the Runway for Relief Fashion Show.
Putting her status as Miss Alabama to good use, Katherine had agreed to pa…
Stale Crackers, Funky Socks and Giant Marshmallows
The time has come for you to look at your microwave as something more than a pop corn popper. Did you know you can scramble eggs in your microwave? Make rice? I bet you didn't realize you could even wash your socks. Below are a few ways to make your microwave earn rent...
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
January 11th, 2013
Forecast: Showers. High of 72.
Local: DCH Health System bans tobacco on all properties.
State: James Spann continues to be the Mann.
National: Epidemic.
Sports: Alabama Gymnasts begin to defend National Championship Title...
‘Just Throw It In Here. I’m A Ghost.’
Today, I came across a YouTube video making it's rounds on the web that managed to do what few viral videos  do these days; actually make me laugh really, really hard.
The premise is simple: a guy creates a fake car seat out of cardboard and material, goes through numerous drive-thrus while…
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
January 10th, 2013
Forecast: Showers. High of 72.
Local: University of Alabama student in ICU after bus crashed in Montgomery while transporting Alabama cheerleaders home from National Championship game.
State: Why Wall Street loves the Crimson Tide...
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
January 9th, 10`3
Forecast: Showers. High of 62.
Local: Coaches Trophy to go on display at Tuscaloosa Walmart.
State: The Saban Way: time to move on.
National: Georgia Olympics bomber, Eric Rudolph, writing a book. 
Sports: Missouri whips Alabama in SEC opener...
‘Bama on the Brain
Before a toe touched the floor this morning, I was suffering from ‘Bama Brain. Between taking advantage of the snooze feature on my phone’s alarm and actually making myself awake, I contemplated how bad the two players who’d been sent home must be feeling this m…

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