Scott’s DIY – Reclaimed Cedar Headboard
Reclaimed wood projects are awesome. My boss man Todd Livingston and I were talking about do-it-yourself projects a few weeks ago. He was telling me about a bar he built with rough cedar. He then offered me a pile of the left over cedar boards.
It’s No April Fools Joke! – DYI Projects
It's no April Fool's  prank. I actually worked on my patio table over the weekend! I decided I would have it finished by mid-April. I am being resourceful. The wood I am using is all scrap. The legs were found in the woods, the 2 X 12 boards were salvaged from a dumpster. (Thanks Mr. …
Are There Snakes In My Wood? – DYI Projects
Only 3 more day til daylight saving time and only 13 days til Spring. I am excited about warmer weather and getting outside. We moved into a new house in December and have a new deck to christen with the first cookout of the year!
DIY Project 2
Well, this is how far I have progressed with my picnic table do-it- yourself project. Because I salvaged the 4x4 post from the woods, I have been using the excuse that they needed to "dry out" before I could start. It's been some weeks now and I would have to say my wife is on…
Do It Yourself Projects
I would defiantly consider myself a Do-It-Yourself-er. I must admit that I start and never finish more projects that I actually complete. I enjoy fixing most anything. My son knows at the tender age of three that Daddy can fix anything. I h...