Only 3 more day til daylight saving time and only 13 days til Spring. I am excited about warmer weather and getting outside. We moved into a new house in December and have a new deck to christen with the first cookout of the year!

Scott Shepherd | 95.3 The Bear | Feb 25th

In my last DYI post on February 25th, I included a photo of a pile of wood I plan of fashioning into a picnic table.

We will defiantly need this before our first cook out.  My intentions are good, I want to work on it, but somehow always get side tracked.

It has been one week and one day since I took the first picture. Today, I am sad to report that the only thing that has changed with my pile of wood is that my three year old, Brody, has been using it as a shelf to put his toys on. My wife wants me to hurry because she says snakes will be crawling soon and may try to move into my pile of wood! (Man, I hope not!)

Hopefully, I'll be back next week with another update that show some progress and I'll pray for no snake sightings.