This is a screenshot from the new Samsung Galaxy S4. I made the move from an outdated HTC Inspire to the new Galaxy Friday afternoon. I am still learning ins and outs but as of now, I really like it. It is light and thin. Some of the features that stand out are the "Air Gesture" and "Air View" and "Smart Scroll". The Air Gesture allows you to simply wave your hand over the phone to unlock and see date and time and even answer incoming calls.

Air View allows you to hover your finger over an article title and quickly preview the articles contents. The Smart Scroll is perhaps the coolest. While reading anything on the screen, the phone recognizes your eyes and head movement and scrolls up and down the content with a slight nod up or down.

The Galaxy S4 camera is 100 times better than my old HTC camera. It has lots of features built in like "Drama". With Drama, you can take several pics of say your kid sliding into home plate and merge the action shots into one picture! The "Eraser" feature lets you remove any unwanted objects like a photo bomber easily.

There is also an app called "Story Album". When the Galaxy S4 noticed you taking several pics in a short time, it suggests that you create an album. You could be at the Zoo and all of you Zoo pics would be in an Album instead of searching all over your phone to find them.

The processor is smoking fast and allows you to multitask with ease.

I'm glad I made the move!