I don't use my desktop computer at home very much anymore. I mostly browse and read articles on my phone these days. Yesterday however, I needed the desktop. Unfortunately, the power light was blinking orange and it would not boot up.

I did a quick Google search on my phone for the meaning of an orange blinking light and found an answer: A bad power supply. I stewed over it for a while and suddenly a light bulb went off and I remembered my neighbor Marty was an IT guy. I gave him a call and asked about the light situation. He agreed, it was most likely a bad power supply.

The good news comes when he asks what kind of computer I have. I told him a DELL E520. He then says to me: "I happen to have a power supply for that model I am not using that you can have"!  I walked over to his house, let him show me how to replace the power supply, walked back to my house and swapped them out in my computer and BAM. No orange light. The PC booted up and is running like a charm. After the successful install, just for kicks, I Googled the price of a power supply replacement for my computer....Almost $50!

How cool is that? So thanks Marty. I owe you one. or two.