Find Stars With Your Smartphone
Have you ever looked up in the sky and wondered exactly which star you were looking at? That happened to me today. I did a quick search and found a cool app called Sky Map this morning. If you've ever wanted to identify a particular star or planet in the night sky, this app does the job.
Nuke A City- Sort Of
If you want to waset a few min at work today and have the Google Earth Plugin installed on your PC, check out this large waste of time:
Twitter vs. Instagram
If you were not aware, Facebook© bought Instagram©  last year for 1 billion dollars. I assume it was a move to combat Twitter© releasing the Vine© app.
Will FedEx Make the Drop? – Scott’s Phone Saga Continues
It had been 3 and a half days since my cell phone went on the blink. No calls, no text, no email FOR THREE DAYS! I can honestly say now that I am a junkie that possibly needs rehab. I have started feeling phantom phone vibrations. The phantom vibrations will soon be replaced with real ones if FedEx …

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