Most every person that owns a dog likes to think their dog is a smart pup. My neighbor's dog, a black and white Australian Shepherd with blue eyes named Jill, IS a smart dog. She sits, speaks, shakes, rolls over and will fetch whatever you throw for her. Jill's claim to fame in the neighborhood is her ability to seeming really understand what you are saying.  

When she retrieves a stick and lays it at your feet, you can tell her you don't want the stick and to go find something else. Jill will bolt away sniffing around the yard until she finds something else to bring you. A really fun and smart dog.

I had a dog once that pooped in it's dog house regularly.  I didn't need a test to tell me that my dog was not quite right. I would love to see how Jill would score on new test developed by doctors and scientists  that can tell you EXACTLY how smart . . . or dumb . . . your dog is. It costs $60.

Go to The site instructs you to preform several test and games on your dog to measure their brain on everything from memory to reasoning to compassion.

Not a lot of info on the test are available now without signing up. There is demo test online has you putting two treats on the ground and pointing at one . . . then seeing if that's the treat your dog eats first or not. See video below:


You will  get a full  breakdown on your dog's smarts and personality.  The test will also break down your dogs personality into one of 9 categories like the "Einstein" dog who is great with physics, or the "Maverick" who's independent.

The site serves up training, books and as much information on dog smarts as one could stand to ingest.

Dr. Brian Hare from Duke University is the head of Dognition.  He says, "We've had a revolution in our understanding of animal psychology."  And using the breakthroughs, this test supposedly CAN figure out what's on your dog's mind.