Dog Breaks Up Youth Football Game
I went to Demopolis to watch my son's football game Saturday morning. Nate played corner and was in on several tackles. It was a good day for the Demopolis Tiger youth. They beat Bibb Co. 30 to 0 then they got to play with a puppy.
‘Sugar-Free’ Could Kill Your Dog
When Heather McNutt came home Sunday night, Milo wasn't his typical, chipper self. Instead of leaping off the chair to greet his human, he ignored her calls to come. Heather went to Milo instead and when she picked him up, he went limp in her arms...
10 Best Dog Breeds For Single Guys
When you're a single dude -- no matter how popular you are with the ladies -- there will always be downtime.  When your female companions are busy with work, need to head home, do some wash, or are just sick of being referred to as “friends with benefits,” you may find yourse…
10 Dogs Getting Their Groove On
It seems like every day we discover yet another reason to reaffirm the awesomeness of our four-legged friends. For one thing, dogs are super troopers when it comes to our embarrassing Facebook antics.

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