Yesterday, I Wet My Pants
My love for my adopted ducks is no secret, but even I'm a little take aback by the intensity with which I defended them.
Yesterday, in an attempt to save one of my mallard hens from the jaws of death, I rushed to her defense without thinking of my own safety...
Duckie Dynasty: The Flood
Yesterday's downpour has wreaked havoc all over West Alabama resulting in school delays and impassable road ways.
This morning when I left, I could hear Hunter Creek was angry but it was too dark to tell how bad the damage was. When I arrived at the intersection at Hunter Creek Road and Highway 82, I…
Duckie Dynasty: One Week To Go
The countdown is on. Monday's the day we move our seventeen duck eggs to a hatchery (still haven't figured out what that actually means).
The entire incubation process for duck eggs goes like this: the hen lays an egg once a day until she's the proud owner of a 'clutch' conta…