The countdown is on. Monday's the day we move our seventeen duck eggs to a hatchery (still haven't figured out what that actually means).

The entire incubation process for duck eggs goes like this: the hen lays an egg once a day until she's the proud owner of a 'clutch' containing 10-12 eggs. Once she's finished laying all the eggs, she sits on them which causes germination and starts the clock. Most ducklings will hatch on day 28; a process which can take several hours.

Experts suggest moving the eggs to the hatchery at day 25, which for us, is next Monday. While excited, I'm also extremely worried because Petey has a certain...fascination with the ducks. The ducks don't seem to be too concerned that my dog appears to want to eat them because they keep walking past the perimeter of his electric fence.

Yesterday, after Perry returned home after taking a trip with Petey, he captured this:

(Perhaps Perry will start 'nesting' in anticipation of his ducks being born and wash off the driveway.)