Well, it's official, I have arrived at the age of accountability. I don't mean accountability for my actions, I mean for my appearance. I have to thank my wife for leading the charge.

I have always used whatever shampoo was in the shower. I never thought much of it. I didn't really care if was a two-in-one or smelled of lilac and kiwi. I just washed my hair.

One day last week, on return from a quick trip to the store, my wife un-baged a new brand of Shampoo. As she handed it to me, she lovingly said " I got you something". I read the bottle a couple times and replied. "Wow". She tried to hold back her cute laugh though a smile and said "I mean, I just saw it!".

She saw it and thought of me. L'Oreal Paris VIVE Pro. For Men - Daily THICKENING 2-n-1 Shampoo and Conditioner [FINE/THINNING HAIR].

I started using it that night and every night since. I hope to look like Afroman in a week or so.