July 5th, 2013

Tune in for the Best of Madison and Shepherd when we revisit some of the funnier moments on the show. If you've got a birthday, call the studio on Monday morning before 7:35 to put your name in the hat.

FORECAST: Rain continues. 80F/71F

LOCAL: State Troopers urge motorists to buckle up over Fourth of July holiday.

STATE: Hole opens up in I-20/59 in downtown Birmingham, damaging several vehicles.

NATIONAL: President Obama calls urgent meeting after Egyptians overthrow Muslim Brotherhood.

TECH:  Father of the computer mouse dies.

ENTERTAINMENT: Police shut down Flavor Flav's July 4th celebration after the rapper publishes pictures of his HUGE stash of fireworks, big enough to blow up a small country.

SPORTS:  Alabama's Most Wanted (subscription may be required).

MUSIC: Toby Keith sells out second Oklahoma Tornado Relief concert.

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