July 10th, 2013

Scott Shepherd is out on vacation which means things could get really real in the studio with Kimberly. FORECAST: Partly sunny with 40% chance of showers. 89F/72F

LOCAL: Northport honors Silver Star recipient, Gary Hill.

STATE: Oil well leaking into Gulf of Mexico, visible sheen 4-miles wide.

NATIONAL: 'Spy on each other'. President Obama orders federal workers to monitor and report co-workers behavior. 

TECH: 'NCAA Football 14' goes hard.

ENTERTAINMENT: Elizabeth Hazzlebeck leaving The View, headed to Fox News as morning show co-host.

SPORTS:  Fellow suspect says Aaron Hernandez admitted to firing fatal shots.

MUSIC: Dierks Bentley steps in to help families of 19 killed in Arizona wild fire.

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